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Swagger Documentation for ATG

A point of view – not a solution The mechanism described in works with any java web application as long as all the project class files reside in WEB-INF/classes. But this is not the case with ATG. ATG will read all class files from atglib, hence Approach 1: Rewrite the Package scanner class so… Continue reading Swagger Documentation for ATG


ATG Nucleus loading multiple times (3 times approximately)

ATG Version: 11.1 Jboss: Jboss 6.1 EAP In some scenarios, ATG will load nucleus application multiple time due some configuration problem in generated ear. Add following lines in application.xml, which is in ATG generated ear file. <initialize-in-order>true</initialize-in-order> Just before the </application> This will solve repeated nucleus initialization And also note that, without the above settings… Continue reading ATG Nucleus loading multiple times (3 times approximately)