DDD, Event Driven and CQRS example

There are lot of articles which talks about domain driven design, Event Driven and CQRS architectural practices. However,In this blog post, an effort to put domain driven design (DDD), Event Driven and Command Query Responsibility Segregation in a simple application which will explain all of above concepts. This application has been developed using spring boot,… Continue reading DDD, Event Driven and CQRS example

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ATG Cache Using JBOSS Data Grid/Infinispan

ATG Cache Using JBOSS Data Grid/Infinispan   As performance is really important in retail Or web commerce applications, the caching plays an important role in improve the performance. ATG Commerce servers are loaded with lot of components and functionality. And top of that, repository caching will increase enormous memory consumption on ATG JVM’s. Hence, externalizing… Continue reading ATG Cache Using JBOSS Data Grid/Infinispan

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Swagger docs for Spring Boot

Spring boot is becoming famous and famous due to microservice architecture and advantage of spring framework support in it.As REST services are playing a huge role in microservice architecture, swagger introduces a better way to publish these REST services so that they can be tested, published as living documents. Here is a simple spring boot… Continue reading Swagger docs for Spring Boot

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Asynchronous Servlet in 3.0

Async servlet is a new feature added in servlet 3.0 specification. This servlet works in a non-blocking mode. Each request is processed in a new thread which is independent of request thread. The request is temporarily suspended by application till the business logic is executed. Once the application is ready with result, the request will be resumed and… Continue reading Asynchronous Servlet in 3.0